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Why Start a Podcast?

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to cultivate a deeper relationship with your audience or customer base. Additional benefits include boosting SEO, creating content for your brand and expanding your reach and influence in your industry. Whether you’re an individual, a PR firm or a business, a podcast is a powerful tool to communicate intimately with your audience.



Flores Podcast Consulting will work with you to find the format best suited for your podcast. A peer-to-peer podcast will be different than a podcast intended for the general public. However, every show should be inviting, intimate and fun. Flores Podcast Consulting can take your ideas and help you realize your goals.


Benefits of Podcasting

There are several benefits that podcasting holds over other forms of media. The first benefit is that you can create a show that is unique to your personality or brand. Furthermore, podcast audiences tend to grow personal and trusting connections with podcasts. Finally, podcasts are an ideal way to create multilevel marketing across websites, social media and newsletters.

Podcast Studio

Are you looking for a professional studio to record your podcast? Flores Podcast Consulting offers state-of-the-art studio space inside the Sacramento Media Center.

Our studio is available for both in-person and remote recordings. The studio features all the equipment needed to record a professional-level podcast, including microphones, booms, headphones, audio interface equipment and more.

The studio is available at $125 for the first two hours, then $100 per hour after that.

Podcast Studio, Flores Podcast Consulting,

Flores Podcast Consulting, Northern California, Podcast Studio

In addition to the recording studio, Flores Podcast Consulting also provides access to a professional soundstage located inside the same building. This soundstage is the perfect setting for any podcast that wants to include video content.

Sound Stage, Flores Podcast Consulting, Podcast Studio


Flores Podcast Consulting has helped a variety of individuals and businesses develop and produce their podcasts.

FPC clients include film critics, comedians, non-profit organizations and government agencies in Sacramento and throughout Northern California.

Despite our focus on the Sacramento metropolitan area, Flores Podcast Consulting also provides podcast consultation and remote production services to people and businesses located outside of Northern California.


Meet The Team

Johnny Flores, Flores Podcast Consulting, Sacramento, Norther California

Johnny Flores

Founder & Owner

Johnny Flores first started podcasting in 2012. Self-taught, Flores struggled at first, but over the years, he learned to produce engaging and entertaining podcasts with high-quality sound. 

He created Serious Talk. Seriously. to highlight the people that make the city of Sacramento unique. Local publications like Comstock’s, Capital Public Radio, Sactown Magazine and Sacramento Magazine covered Johnny’s work. Meanwhile, STS got recommended in numerous media outlets, both local and national.

Today, Johnny brings his years of knowledge and experience to the general public with Flores Podcast Consulting.

Johnny lives in Sacramento with his wonderful girlfriend, their two dogs, Ellie and Franny.

When he is not podcasting, he enjoys hanging out in his backyard with friends, playing board games, or talking about anything nerdy. 



V.P. of Napping

Franny has over 12 years of experience in Napping and Advanced Nap Applications. While she quite enjoys napping indoors, her favorite place to test and develop Theoretical Nap Technologies is under her favorite tree in the backyard.

Franny was adopted from the Sacramento SPCA.



Hug Acquisitions

Ellie has over three years of experience in C & D (Chewing & Destruction), specializing in Items that Do Not Belong to Her. Additionally, Ellie excels in Rarely Listening and Leaving Drool Everywhere. Additionally, Ellie accepts hugs from anyone she meets.

Ellie was adopted from the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

Flores Podcast Consulting and Consultant


Fur Distribution Manager

Our buddy Chester passed on July 15, 2020. A sweeter cat there never was or will be. In addition to sleeping the days away, he loved cuddling with Franny and Ellie. He will be missed by his family and those who received a Chester hug.

Chester was adopted from The Anti-Cruelty Society.

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