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I can meet with you one-on-one, by Skype, or by phone for a free consultation. This way, I can help determine what level of assistance you or your team may need.

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Editing is usually the most time consuming part of producing a podcast. I can quickly edit a show while ensuring the best audio quality for your listeners.

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It can be a little overwhelming picking out the right equipment for your recording needs, not even factoring the cost of purchasing recording equipment.  I can provide all of the equipment needed to record your show. Additionally, my studio is the perfect setting to make sure you have a high quality sound environment.

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I started podcasting in 2012. Since that time, I learned to produce engaging and entertaining podcasts with high-quality sound. My studio is located inside the Sacramento Media Center located in Sacramento, CA.

Building engaging and entertaining podcasts is a passion of mine that I love to share with my clients. I can ensure a quick turn around on podcast production.

I created my podcast Serious Talk. Seriously. to highlight the people of Sacramento, CA that make the city unique. The podcast was recommended in several media outlets, both local and national, as a Top 10 podcast worth a listen.

I can advise with equipment purchases on any budget, programs to use, best practices for sound quality, show development, strategies for audience growth, and mistakes to avoid.

I produce, advise, and helped develop several podcasts:

Serious Talk. Seriously 
Graphic Novel Explorers Club
Dare Daniel Podcast 
Comstock's Magazine's Action Items
In Our Tribe - a Youth Development Network podcast

Upcoming shows:

Visit Sacramento: Farm to Fork Podcast
Creativity+ Podcast
The Healthy Mouth Podcast

Flores Podcast Consulting - Johnny Flores