I started podcasting in 2012. Since that time, I learned to produce engaging and entertaining podcasts with high-quality sound.

I created my podcast Serious Talk. Seriously. to highlight the people of Sacramento, CA that make the city unique. The podcast was recommended in several media outlets, both local and national, as a Top 10 podcast worth a listen.



Flores Podcast Consulting is located inside the Sacramento Media Center at 915 Fee Drive, Sacramento, CA 95815.

Flores Podcast Consulting is available to provide consulting and services for clients located outside of the Sacramento area.

My Approach

My goal is to make sure that your podcast is worthy of your time and that of your listeners. My approach is to listen to your ideas for your show and work with you to develop it from an idea to an actual podcast.

Meet the Team

Johnny Flores of Flores Podcast Consulting

Johnny Flores

Founder & Owner

Johnny Flores lives in Sacramento with his wonderful girlfriend, two dogs, Ellie and Franny, and their cat Chester.

When he is not podcasting, he enjoys taking his motorcycle out for a ride or hanging out in his backyard with friends while playing board games.



Chief Executive of Napping

Franny has over 12 years of experience in Napping and Advanced Nap Applications. While she quite enjoys napping indoors, her favorite place to test and develop Theoretical Nap Technologies is under her favorite tree in the backyard with the sun shining down.

Franny was adopted from the Sacramento SPCA.



Manager of Hug Acquisitions

Ellie has over 3 years of experience in C & D (Chewing & Destruction), specializing in Items that Do Not Belong to Her. Additionally, Ellie specializes in Rarely Listening, L.D.E (Leaving Drool Everywhere), and will accept hugs from anyone she meets.

Ellie was adopted from the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

Flores Podcast Consulting and Consultant



This is Chester. He's a jerk. Sometimes he can be sweet, but most of the time he's just a jerk.

Chester was adopted from The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.