Flores Podcast Consulting can assist and advise on all aspects of podcasting. There are many ways to create and run a podcast. Let's make sure you do it the correct way and schedule a free consultation so you avoid many of the mistakes people make when they start out in podcasting.



If you have recordings but need help with editing, Flores Podcast Consulting can assist with editing, sound quality, creating intros/outros, and sound layering.



Purchasing the equipment needed for podcasting can be daunting and quickly get expensive. Additionally, not everyone has the space and proper setting for ensuring a quality recording. Flores Podcast Consulting has the equipment and studio for creating a recording worth your time and an audience's attention.

If you live in the Sacramento area, Flores Podcast Consulting is mobile, too!

Flores Podcast Consulting, Podcast Producer


Every podcast is different. With that in mind, several things are factored into pricing, such as the length of the show, segments within an episode, how often episodes are posted, and how many re-edits are needed.


Flores Podcast Consulting is happy to give a quote after learning more about your podcasting needs.


free advice on starting a podcast

The most important thing to do when running a podcast is be consistent. Be consistent with your sound quality. Be consistent with posting dates. Be consistent with communicating with your audience. It is much easier to build and maintain an audience if they can count on your show to be there for them on a regular basis.

Start your podcast.